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Becoming the key driver for economic development in Zimbabwe through foreign direct investment.


Facilitating economic growth and development through creating sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with international investors.


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About IGVS

Digital Future Planning Based On True Facts

IGVS is an investor led international social entrepreneurship consulting company working in the current key development sectors in Zimbabwe. We use a vast international network of leading services providers and investors in our partnerships to build inward investment lead community based infrastructure

We work under the guideline of ZIDA (Zimbabwe Investment & Development Agency, the Zimbabwean government and regulatory authorities to facilitate and promote investment in Zimbabwe. The objective is to increase investor confidence in order to boost growth in Zimbabwe's key economic sectors i.e. Mining, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Construction

Economic injection through investment and exports boosts economic growth. Zimbabwe's economy has been suffering from a high balance of trade deficit through leakages like exporting of unprocessed raw materials (no value addition) and importing of basic commodities (shrinking of foreign currency reserves)

Mining, Renewable Energy and Gas in Zimbabwe.