Service Sectors

Chrome Mining

Chrome Smelting, Steel manufacturing

Lithium Exploration

(in Masvingo, Mashonaland East and Matabeleland South) - Mining (partnership with existing miners), Battery manufacturing

Platinum Group Metals Exploration

(Snakes head) Base Metal Refinery and Precious Metals Refinery.

Gold Exploration and Mining

Jewellery Manufacturing; Technology to process refractory gold ores.

Coal and Hydrocarbons

Exploration and mining ,Power generation, manufacturing of petrochemicals and fertilisers.


Cutting and polishing of granite blocks


Mining Development Sector

Zimbabwe has a vast mineral resource base with great potential to drive economic growth, however there are a number of challenges like limited funding, outdated machinery and limited exploration among many others. The idea is to bridge these gaps through direct foreign investment. Zimbabwe has the skilled manpower to provide labour once operations begin to expand.

There are a lot of opportunities within the mining sector such as; Exploration - Zimbabwe remains under-explored and has potential for more discoveries of new gold deposits. Opportunities therefore exist in the use of modern exploration techniques to discover new gold deposits. Investors may venture into exploration as private entities or through partnerships with the Government, through the Mining Promotion Corporation.

Mining and Mineral Processing- Investors may venture into gold mining either individually or through joint venture partnerships with already existing mining companies. Some mines are using outdated machinery and require retooling to increase efficiency and productivity. Zimbabwe is also host to significant deposits of refractory gold ores. Investment in plant and machinery will provision the necessary technology to treat and process the refractory ores. The Gold sector also has significant activity of Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners (ASM) who are in need of capacitation in the form of financing and equipment.


Agriculture Development Sector

Zimbabwe is an agrarian economy with vast land deposits that are suitable for factory farming. Crop and livestock production was Zimbabwe’s major contributor to the GDP. There is a need to resuscitate this sector by expanding production and increasing efficiency. A lot of arable farms are being underutilised due to lack of capital and expertise for commercial farming. The main objectives are to: Create Sustainable Farming, New Plant , Equipment and Machinery Supplies, Production of Medical Cannabis & Hemp Farming Implementation, Increase Cash Crop ( Horticulture, Tobacco, Maize, Cotton and Soya Beans) production and value addition.

There has been an increase in demand for plant based medicinal products like moringa and medicinal cannabis. This a great opportunity for investment because the government and various stakeholders are creating policies that boost investor confidence and create sustainability. The investments are regarded as special investments into Zimbabwe. The government of Zimbabwe offers monetary and fiscal incentives to ensure that the sector is competitive regionally and globally. The government has set up a framework called the Investment Stability Agreement (ISA), which ensures clear guarantees to facilitate investments into this sector.

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Crude Oil, Petroleum & Gas Procurement Services

There has been an increase in consumption of petroleum products in the last 5 years this is due to increased importation of vehicles, new homes being built that require LPG for heating and cooking. Zimbabwe imports 100% of its petroleum products requirements through pipeline, rail and road.


The prices of fuels are market driven but monitored through a pricing formula that takes into account all the associated costs by ZERA ( Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority). With this in mind there is a need for more infrastructure to facilitate the procurement, storage and distribution of petroleum products. These investments can be through the partnership with the government or private sector

Crude Oil, Petroleum & Gas Procurement

Mining, Renewable Energy and Gas in Zimbabwe.